Coming into this ACT prep class I was very anxious. I had never taken an ACT before, but I had taken the SAT twice, and had less than favorable outcomes and it really knocked down my confidence. I knew that with Total College Prep’s dedication to helping students improve and practicing upon the skills we were taught, my test taking experience could get better, and it did. The practice I got from this course was unmatched because I was able to take real ACT tests multiple times and learned tips and tricks to better my score. I went from an 1160 on the SAT, which is a projected 22 on the ACT, to getting a 28 on my ACT last month, and I know I can only get better from here!

Christie O.
McKinney High School

Total College Prep offers personalized learning that will help build on your strengths and weaknesses. I learned and reviewed so many strategies through this course so when the test came along, I was ready. I can say that before taking these classes, I didn’t have much confidence in the exams, but the aftermath had me feeling prepared and positive. My ACT score increased by 4 points! If you are wanting to raise your exam scores, this is the best choice!  Completely worth it.

Megan M.
McKinney Boyd High School

Before Total College Prep, I was a high achieving student with low test scores. I took the ACT 4 times and received the same score. At first, I was hesitant at whether the program would make any difference. No matter my doubts, I pushed on through the classes and practice tests. Today I am proud to say that thanks to Total College Prep, I raised my ACT score 9 composite points. I cannot thank them enough as I finally feel I have a score that matches my transcript

Sarah O.
McKinney Boyd High School

Total College Prep did an excellent job making me familiar with the speed of the test. It also helped me use strategies to aid in speeding up my test taking process by being more efficient. I would definitely recommend her for other students who want to improve their score by 4-6 points on the ACT or 200 points or more on the SAT.

Ezra G.
McKinney North High School