Why choose Total College Prep? Our curriculum surpasses the competition, providing the very best SAT/ACT tutoring customized to meet the needs of individual students. Total College Prep is an affiliate of A-List and uses the A-List curriculum and philosophy exclusively.


A-List curriculum is an innovative educational services provider seeking to formalize their unique and personal approach to education. Our team is made up of passionate educators dedicated to helping students from all backgrounds achieve their academic goals and successfully prepare for their educational futures.

They began with a vision of providing exceptional SAT/ACT services to high school students, and in the last ten years, they’ve grown into an international organization that serves more than 70,000 students and educators worldwide through our tutoring, school and non-profit programs. From SAT/ACT instruction boasting the highest average score improvements to consistently rated as best in class by teachers around the world, and from revolutionary technology delivering data and analysis to drive targeted educational work to collaborations with leading institutions in an effort to level the playing field, A-List curriculum puts students and teachers first.

With offices in New York, London, Dubai, and Shanghai — and a network of partners stretching across the United States and around the world — they believe that education is the foundation upon which all our futures are built, and everyday they seek to make that future brighter for all of us.


If you are looking for the very best for your student, school, or organization—you have come to the right place. Your needs are unique, and so are we. Let’s dare to be great together.